This project provides consultancy services (like training, researches, ICB, e.t.c) for other NGOs / CBOs, Government, corporate and private bodies on health, education, communication, and conflict management related issues. The department has a team of experienced facilitators and has been providing services for more than five years, with evident achievements in the increase of organizations and schools that have been clamouring for our services.

The consultancy department is also involved in the provision of halls for rentals, trainings equipment and services. The department has rendered services to

  • Federal & States, ministries, departments, and agencies.
  • Schools in 10 Northern states.
  • UNICEF/SFH National Youth Services Corps training
  • Jigawa State Youths and Aids Prevention, Gumel, Jigawa State
  • Baobab for Women’s Human Rights
  • Action Aid Nigeria
  • Churches and Mosque
  • Workplaces in corporate and private organisations.