• Drama For Enter-Education

    AHIP made it possible to effectively reach a larger audience through sports initiatives, television and radio programmes. AHIP is running a drama series on 8 Northern television stations including Kano CTV, NTA and DSTV(Hausa Channel) African satellite station. The drama series titled "Sakaci ko Barna" is addressing social issues and safe mother. Each of these stations reaches more than one state. Our monitoring team estimated the outreach in Kano state at 3 million; Niger (Minna) 1.5 million; Kaduna 2.5 million; Sokoto 1.5 million; Plateau (Jos) 2 million; and Borno (Maiduguri) 1.5 million. The plays were aimed at addressing various issues relating to maternal mortality, gender discrimination, HIV prevention, care and support for People Living with HIV/AIDS and other issues affecting the life of young people and women.

    This project is on-going

  • Radio Spot Massages

    AHIP designs short messages which is meant to serve as a call to action for individual social responsibility to good health and positive society.

    This project is on-going