Mentoring Support For Emerging/Growing NGOs

  • The Visionary Leaders Projects

    AHIP leadership and creating enabling environment for reproductive health program was adapted by Visionary Leadership program and AHIP was the anchor institution for the Program in Nigeria. The VLP is a program of a consortium of three organizations: Partners in Population and Development, International Council on Management of Population Programmes (ICOMP) and Centre for African Family Studies (CAFS), supported by The David and Lucile Packard Foundation. VLP develops leaders and their leadership competencies incrementally through a cost effective South-South Advanced Leadership Training, Mentoring and Exposure Program. VLP also builds capacity for leadership development by creating a learning network of national leadership programs as well as networking influential mentors to reinforce the process of leadership development of participants of the program.

    This has been concluded

  • Selection and Partnership Building

    AHIP identified partners, and the identified organizations were screened based on a set of criteria. NGOs/CBOs/FBOs were selected from amongst several. This process helped in strengthening each organization technically in its distinct areas of peculiarities or weaknesses as partners. A few skills building and planning trainings were taken up by consultants at 5 different trainings and 5 different supportive technical assistance support within the 3 year period. Each organization was assissted to develop a strategic plan after a strategic planning training.

    This is on-going as technical support is continually provided