Sports For Health, Development and Outreach

Started in 1993 with a basketball team with the Philosophy: Make appropriate use of leisure time, channelling energy towards sports and not violence; to Educate and empower young people of both sexes with factual information concerning their health and social well being.

  • Basket Ball

    AHIP basketball was started by young people and was taken over by AHIP in 1997 and is being used as an outreach tool. AHIP manages 3 Basket Ball teams (2 male and 1 female). The senior male team is the AHIP Giants; the junior male team the Rising Stars while the female team are the AHIP Queens. The senior male team and the female team are playing in the nation’s premier league. The players are unique because, they are all peer health educators and have the responsibilities to educate other players and disseminate factual information that will help their peers make informed decisions.

    The male team have produces over 700 hundred players playing all over the nation, while the female team have produced over 500 players playing nationwide.

    5 male and 2 female players have received scholarships to study and play at colleges in the US and Canada.

    This project is on-going

  • Soccer

    The group have over 100 young boys and girls, comprising in and out of school young persons of ages 10 to 17. These are young people who already love soccer, they are encouraged to come together and do what they like and take active part in community development in their various local settings. They are trained in different vocation skills; Leadership and they are all trained Peer Health Educators. This started as a joint project between AHIP and British council which was continued by AHIP after the end of the support period for an additional 3 years.

    This project has been concluded